Long-Term Residency

As both a veteran classroom teacher and accomplished artist, James McCarthy’s work as a Teaching Artist earns enthusiastic acclaim from teachers and students alike. James’ Deepened Engagement Strategies integrate dramatic context, movement, critical inquiry and music. Residencies range from a few days to a few weeks. James B McCarthy’s  residencies connect imagination and creativity with … More Long-Term Residency

Professional Development

Sample Professional Development Workshops: For Teachers: We Go Jam: Finding the Music in the Words Participants will unlock their musical talents through the discovery of creating music with their own words. Through readings from the book We Go Jam: Celebrating Our Music, Our Soundscapes, Our Hawaii, teachers will reflect on key themes and explore the craft … More Professional Development

Short-Term Programs and Classroom Visits (All Ages)

James McCarthy has traveled the country “in the tradition of the Modern Troubadours,” learning stories and songs along the way. His performances blend vivid characters, audience participation, and musical selections in a way that is uniquely his own. His tales include encounters with wild animals, legends about mountain life and songs reaching back to his … More Short-Term Programs and Classroom Visits (All Ages)

Artistic Coaching (Intermediate, Secondary, and College)

James McCarthy has a knack for helping you find and develop your strengths as an artist. With mindful attention to the artist as a whole person, he can take you to new levels of confidence, competence, and connection with your material and your audience. James McCarthy’s coaching style is grounded in the transformational teaching practices of his … More Artistic Coaching (Intermediate, Secondary, and College)