Long-Term Residency

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As both a veteran classroom teacher and accomplished artist, James McCarthy’s work as a Teaching Artist earns enthusiastic acclaim from teachers and students alike. James’ Deepened Engagement Strategies integrate dramatic context, movement, critical inquiry and music. Residencies range from a few days to a few weeks.

James B McCarthy’s  residencies connect imagination and creativity with lessons in social studies, science, and language arts. And there are still more possibilities!

One highly effective residency investigates Polynesian migration, while another explores first contact between Native Americans and European explorers.

A former zoo educator, James also offers drama residencies that build on science content while deeply enhancing scientific inquiry. Two such residencies focus on biomes or rain forest ecosystems and exploitation.

Mr. McCarthy has designed and implemented residencies focused on a wide variety of standards in the literary arts, including working with early elementary and English Language Learners.

In short, James McCarthy’s mission as a Teaching Artist is to support your curriculum with kinesthetic and creative activities that bring learning to life in the immediate moment and build retention, engagement and joy in the classroom during the experience and beyond.

Feedback from Teachers

“Thank you very much for sharing your talent and knowledge with me. You have brought many wonderful arts lessons to our class and the children have truly grown in many ways. I see growth in self-confidence, expression, awareness, focus, and imagination. All the children greatly enjoy and delight in drama. The integrated arts lessons complemented our science content well. I will continue to incorporate drama into my integrated lessons as a daily part of my classroom routine. I will have FUN and engage in more hands-on experiences. Thanks for being a great artist!”

“The students have gained reinforcement in their listening, focusing, and creative skills. They practice using their imagination and problem solving/critical thinking skills to create their own tableau. They also learn to work cooperatively using teamwork and communication to achieve a common goal.”

“There were lots of activities that require good concentration and focused attention. Students were eager and highly motivated to participate. There was always an emphasis on being focused and comments were made to make students aware of safety. I liked the problem solving strategies that students used in their groups. They worked cooperatively to decide what would be presented to the group. Mr. James had a good rapport with the students with students responding well to him. We were glad to have the opportunity to work with him.”

“You did a terrific job bringing the kids out of their shells. I think the experience was an excellent opportunity for them. Some of them have become excited about performing. Thanks for all your patience and good activities.”

Feedback from Students